Ano ba yan! Pakalat kalat!
—Clara del Valle
Clara del Valle
CLARA Original 2
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Relations Amanthe del Valle (Mother)
Almira del Valle (Father)
Gary Davis (Biological Father)
Susan Davis (Biological Mother)
Show Information
Portrayed by Gladys Reyes
Julia Montes

Clara del Valle (born as Clara Davis) is one of the main antagonist of the soap opera Mara Clara. She is described as the mean one.


Clara is known to wear rich outfits. In the earlier episodes, she has a long hair. Later, she has a bob cut hair. 


Clara is described as rich, spoiled and bratty. She is used to getting whatever she wants. She can be very caring and affectionate but she knows how to use her charms to get her way, even with her mother. She is intelligent, an achiever and a good leader who can command attention wherever she goes. She can be a very good friend but a formidable enemy.


During her childhood, she lives with her mother and father. Clara is always getting disappointed of her father because he loves his job rather than her.


Del Valle MansionEdit

Clara is always getting scolded by her father in the house. When the time Mara and Susan was hired in the mansion, Clara became so jealous because her parents are concerned to them instead of her. Clara loves to bully their maids. In a birthday party, she humiliated Mara because of jealousy.

Relationship with ChristianEdit

Clara fell inlove with Christian however, Christian rejects Clara. Because of this, Clara fights with Mara because of Christian.

The SwitchEdit

While the diary is found, it was revealed that Clara is Gary and Susan's daughter. In Mara's house, Clara deals with Gary to hurt Mara.



Clara's relationship with Christian is part of a love triangle in the series. Clara fell inlove with Christian however, Christian didn't accept Clara. She felt friend zoned. She decided to make Mara seperated from Christian.


  • "Nangiinsulto ka ba?" (to Mara).
  • "Inagaw mo ang attention nila dahil naiingit ka!" (to Mara).
  • "Wag na wag kang magdadala ng mga gamit dito na hindi sa iyo!" (to Mara).
  • "Amoy pusali! Basura! Kanal!" (to Mara).
  • "Lagi niyang minamahal ang kanyang trabaho kaysa akin" (to Almira)
  • "Sige pa! Sigawan niyo ako!" (to Amante)