Walang makikialam!
—Gary Davis
Gary Davis
Gary davis original
Age 50s
Gender Male
Occupation Syndicate Leader
Relations Susan Davis (Wife)
Mara Davis (Daughter)
Clara del Valle (Biological daughter)
Show Information
Portrayed by Eruel Tongco(1992-1996)
William Martinez(1996-1997)
Jhong Hilario (2010-2011)

Gary Davis is the father of Mara and a biological father of Clara.


Gary is known to have a curly hair.  He is known for having a mean look. Gary has a scar on his face.


Gary is a mean looking, cassanova and an abusive person and also lazy and unkind - he will make life difficult for Mara.  Everytime he sees Mara, Gary started to slap her or bump her in the wall.


His father left them when he was a child. As a child he was already part of a gang and was already involved in stealing. During his teenage years, he fell inlove with Almira. He and Almira became lovers that time until Amanthe steps into Almira's life. Gary's life are ruined because of Almira and Amanthe are married.



  • In the remake, Gary's last name is renamed David.
  • William Martinez replaced Eruel Tongco after he died in a car accident in 1996.
  • On the episode of the original Gary's funeral, footage from Eruel Tongco's funeral was aired as well.