Mara Clara: The Movie
Show Information
Genre Family Drama
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Producer(s) Charo Santos-Concio
Malou N. Santos
Distributor Star Cinema
Language English/Tagalog
Release Date September 18, 1996
Mara Clara: The Movie (also known as "Mara Clara" only) is 1996 family drama film. It is produced by Star Cinema. The film is based on a soap opera of the same name.


Almira and Susan give birth at the same time in the same hospital. Gary  steals the Almira’s newborn child and switches the infant to one of his newborn twins; in revenge to Almira’s decision of rejecting his love for Amanthe’s  Gary concocts the wicked plan with his friend, Kardo , a hospital staff in switching the babies. However, one of the twins dies in the process of switching and the Del Valle’s (Almira and Amanthe) are made to believe that the stillborn child is theirs. Gary then persuades Amanthe to adopt one of his twins to spare Almira from despair and sorrow. Amanthe agrees and for a fee and Gary hands one of his twins to Amanthe. Kardo, feeling remorseful documents every detail of the event on his diary. Susan names her daughter Mara  while the Del Valle’s name their child, Clara . Mara grows up to be kind-hearted girl while Clara has undesirable attitude. Susan’s family works for the Del Valle’s. Mara works for Del Valle’s as a housemaid. Clara grows up hating Mara so she constantly makes sure to always give Mara a hard time. Eventually, Almira finds Kardo’s diary under her bed. Due to the unexpected revelation, Almira suffers from heart attack. On the other hand Gary shots Clara during a gun confrontation. As soon as Almira recovers, Mara and Clara are reunited with their real families. Mara also forgives Clara.

Deleted SceneEdit

As seen in the trailer, there was a deleted scene in the movie. In the deleted scene, Clara is throwing the vase from the refridgerator. The scene was shot in a slow motion.


Mara Clara The Movie Official Trailer

Mara Clara The Movie Official Trailer

Official Trailer

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Home mediaEdit

Mara Clara was released on VHS a year after the film was released. It is unknown if Star Cinema is going to re-release this as dvd.



  • There is a possible restoration for this film.
  • There might be some changes in the film.
  • The film spoils the end of the tv series.