Kung saan ako, doon rin ako
—Susan Davis
Susan Davis
Susan original
Age 40s
Gender Female
Occupation Maid
Relations Gary Davis (Husband)
Mara Davis/David (Daughter)
Clara del Valle (Biological daughter)
Show Information
Portrayed by Susan Africa (as Susan Davis)
Mylene Dizon (as Susan David)

Susan Davis is the mother of Mara and a biological mother of Clara.


Susan is known for wearing a duster. She has a long hair.


Susan is described as a good and loving mother. She loves her daughter but she is not strong enough to stand up for her. She tries to be a good mother but is often overpowered by an abusive husband and domineering mother-in-law. Susan is hardworking but sometimes feels defeated by life.


Before Mara and Clara was born, Susan and Almira where friends at that time.



  • "Ang edukasyon nalang ang tanging yaman ng mga mahihirap" (to Mara).
  • "Walang hiya ka Gary, bakit mo ginawa iyon!" (to Gary).


  • In the remake, Susan's last name is renamed David.
  • In the remake, Susan is younger. Her age is probably in 30s.